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Carmen Sangria suggests…

Mama's Pitcher

A simple wine and fruit Sangria! Made in spanish bars and restaurants around the world by combining bar liquors, wine, and fresh fruit. This combination of sorts has been perfected in our family through the congenial appreciation of a nice bodied red wine and a well-made mixed drink – and the balancing of these tastes to create the bohemian magic of Sangria! #AirbrushHistory

Pina Gria

One of everyone’s favorite Sangria’s. This unique taste is made with Champagne, Fresh Pineapple, Citrus Fruits, and Melon Fruits, and blended with Pineapple Rum, and Spanish Brandy. Sweetened with our famous ‘cinnamon champagne cognac brandy syrup’, this tasty concoction is one of the most addictive drinks you will ever taste.

The King's Reserve

A complex creation based in the appreciation of fine liquors and wines. This recipe is made with fine French Cognac, Exquisite Spanish Brandy, Red Zinfandel, Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, and only the highest quality hand picked fruits. This Sangria is prepared in a painstaking process over the period of 36 hours that ensures a well-balanced blend of flavors. Wonderful as a desert drink, or to cleanse the palate in-between the smoking of a fine Havana cigar.

The art of sangria…

You can find recipes for Sangria anywhere online, but at we pride ourselves in our one of a kind culunairy approach to creating a fine Sangria. For example, most sangria recipes you find online almost always call for soda… sprite or fanta for example. While this is a traditional ingredient commonly used in most resturants, who need to quickly make the sangria day by day to serve to the masses, we perfer to keep the composition of the drink more pure, and only suggest non-processed natural sparking water.

The beauty of sangria is that there are unlimited options of what you can do with it. Sangria is literally is its own bar of drinks, sangria is its own menu. So the delicacy of the way you make sangira, should be treated as such. Anybody would not argue a pizza made from scratch is more delicious than a frozen pizza, thereby we argue that Sangria should be made like a fine tuned recipe from scratch.

For some reason recipes of any kind are always held kept as some sort of secret. My grandmother always said, don’t worry, let the world know, don’t keep our ways a secret why hide what makes people happy? And so then we offer you the well crafted, age long family traditions of Casa De Somo…

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